How to Use the Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10

Let’s have a look at the method to Use the Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10 using the inbuilt feature that will help you to use the device with great ease. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed. The touchpad is one of the most valuable and required hardware part of any

Google: Hackers Steal Almost 250,000 Accounts Every Week

Recently, the search big Google revealed the results of a study on network security and thievery of credentials. In between March 2016 and March 2017, phishing and keylogging tools were wont to steal a mean of 248,000 accounts hebdomadally. Google: Hackers Steal virtually 250,000 Accounts hebdomadally In partnership with the University of CA at Berkeley,

How to Hide User Accounts on the Windows 10 Login Screen

You might be running up the Window 10 with multiple user accounts created and thence at each startup, you’ll be seeing those all user accounts through that the pc can be accessed (different Windows). Let’s learn the method of hiding user accounts on the Windows 10 login screen. For some reason, you might be wishing

How to Protect LAN Network from Being Hacked

LAN or Local Area Network is a type of connection that is mostly used for getting connected to the internet service along with a certain limited area and is mostly used in homes, businesses etc. And its time to secure it with from hackers with the help of some tips discussed in the article. This

Here’s Why Porn Sites Are Threatening To Ban Users

As we all know very well that the porn industry is one of the most profitable segments in the world, but now the film production may be involved, at least in California. In this American state, it is intended that in all the films made there, a state bill mandating adult film performers use condoms.

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

If your internet is not working because of any DNS errors that you are getting on your browser then here is the guide to Fix DNS Errors and Regain Access to the Internet. So follow the complete article to proceed. You may have encountered some error in your web browser stating you that there are

Hackers Won $100,000 For Hacking Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash and Apple’s Safari browser was hacked by security researchers at PwnFest. Adobe Flash was hacked in 4 seconds whereas Apple’s Safari browser in precisely 20 seconds. Hackers Won $100,000 For Hacking Adobe Flash Bug bounty programs and some other White hat hacking competitions are the hot trends in the digital world. We have