Month: November 2017

How to Set Up a Python Development Environment on Windows

Python is a programming language that is anything but easy to learn, yet capable and adaptable. Numerous expert programming engineers utilize Python consistently to carry out their activity, for both substantial ventures and little ones. Python is free, open source, and it keeps running on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and in addition numerous other working

Windows Shortcuts Keys & Tricks

Hello guys !! I’m back with a new post. In this post, I’ll tell you about windows shortcut keys and trick. Working with shortcuts are pretty good and it saves your time and you work like a boss. Here are some cool shortcuts for you. Take a look:- Basic Tricks: Windows + D: Minimize all windows.

OnePlus 5 To Get OnePlus 5T-Like Face Unlock Feature

Recently, we tend to tell you all the advantages of the new biometric identification of the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus says it’s safe to use it and it cannot be mocked with footage or videos. However, after OnePlus 5T, now OnePlus 5 will soon get this new Face Unlock feature with the latest update of

Elon Musk Has Finished Building World’s Largest Li-Ion Battery

We all know very well that Elon Musk promised to have Tesla deliver the world’s largest battery to Australia in just 100 days, otherwise it would charge nothing for the equipment. Well, the company took only about two months to keep the promise. Elon Musk Has Finished Building World’s Largest Li-Ion Battery How to reach

Facebook Just Added An Awesome New Feature To Its Messenger App

In recent times, the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features into its app, Messenger app and as well as to its web platform. Now, it just added a new awesome and extraordinary feature to its messenger application. Facebook Just Added An Awesome New Feature To Its Messenger

Finally, OnePlus 5T Puts An Finish To Cheating Android Benchmarks

We all understand that benchmark tests square measure one in every of the foremost used ways to live the performance of any smartphone. But, earlier we’ve got already seen that however, OnePlus busted for cheating benchmark tests for OnePlus five. However, currently, finally, OnePlus 5T Puts a finish to cheating android benchmarks. Finally, OnePlus 5T