Month: February 2018

[FIX] Error retrieving information from server RH-01

Hey guys !! I know you love your mobile device but what will happen next when your mobile device will stop working? I mean, when some important apps will stop working like Google Play Store. I found many questions on the internet which are saying that their google play store stopped working with an error code.

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone On 10,000 Rs Discount At Flipkart

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone On 10,000 Rs Discount At Flipkart If you love Android and were waiting to lay your hands on Google’s flagship smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, then here’s your chance. Citibank is offering cashback of up to Rs 10,000 on both the smartphones. The Google Pixel 2 64GB version is

5 Things You To Know Jamdani Silk

5 Things You To Know Jamdani Silk The Jamdani silk sarees are still on the top list of luxury silk sarees in retail garment stores and in online textile retailers. The jamdani saree designs are unparalleled, such that you can buy them from the place where it is weaved. This is the patent of Bangladesh,

Parents Guide To Cord Blood Banking For Better Health

Parents Guide to Cord Blood for Better Health of their Child Saving the umbilical cord after birth is becoming important in the present world for better health for their children. There are many developed counties involved in saving cord blood as best practice in the healthcare industry. The best cord blood-banking company is there to