4 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Faster

Nothing frustrates much like browsing users like a slow loading website. A slow site not only discourages end-users but is also not search-engine friendly – Google has just recently released an algorithm update which will not be going to penalizes slow websites. The means that if your website is slow, that it can cause your website to rank lower in search engine result pages or also in the Alexa Rank.

So this article will provide four ways to make your website faster, which will also help to make the user engaging.

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Faster

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Faster

Upgrade Your Hosting Plan to a VPS

This is a simple way to make your website faster by giving much more attention to your server. If you are still using the shared hosting plan, then your website may be slow because you may not have enough resources to handle that much amount of traffic. A VPS hosting plan provides more resources than just that of a shared hosting plan, and this will make your website faster and effective. A VPS is your ultimate solution for slow down the loading process of websites and those that expect high traffic or views.

Use the Latest Versions of PHP 7+

If you notice that your website is loading slowly, then all you need to do is to upgrade it. PHP7+ has several advantages apart from just that PHP5 as it makes your website faster, makes good use of available resources and helps your site to be mobile-friendly.

Use the Latest updated Version of MariaDB instead of MySQL

Many websites are now turning to the latest version of MariaDB because it offers the same sort of function, query type, fundamental indexing, and comparison operators like Mysql and most important it makes your website faster. MariaDB is fast and lighter than MySQL.

The latest version of MariaDB can be used a VPS and thus your website performs better than using older versions which is available in the shared hosting.

Use OpCache with PHP7

Cache helps in making a website quick delivery when a user requests it. At the time of browsing caching stores crucial reusable information to make your website faster and minimize server lagging. By caching pages, information will be served much more easily and faster, and users will not have to wait for long before a page loads.

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