5 Things You Should Do After Windows Installation

5 Things After Windows Installation

When your operating system crashed and you need to install a fresh windows then it becomes very painful. All your works and progress stucked. At the point when your PC isn’t acting as it should, re-introducing Windows is some of the time the best way to go. Simply embed the establishment media and take after the wizard. That being stated, the issue begins in the wake of introducing Windows. For example, you can’t associate with the Internet because of driver issues or you neglect to introduce a few applications, lose application settings and setups, and so on. On the off chance that you have an arrangement already, the re-establishment methodology will be much smoother. 5 things after windows installation

1. Install Drivers:-

First step that you should take is installing device drivers. You can install them manually or directly from the server. To install manually, You have to visit machine manufacturer website and enter your machine model to select your device. Now choose the device drivers and download them and install them manually.

To install driver from the server, you have to go to “Device Manager”. Just right click on “My Computer” icon and select “Manage”. Now click on “device Manager”. All device list will be appear in the right side. Now select the device which driver you want to update.

Right click on the device and choose “Update diver”. It will start searching the updates via OTA and give you updates ( If available ).

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2. Update Windows:-

After Updating Device drivers you have to check your windows for updates. Just go to “Settings” then go to “Update & Security” Now check for updates.

3. Install Your Softwares:-

You have a PC with updated Drivers and updated Windows but it is still without softwares. So it’s time to install your all softwares which were installed in previous windows OS.

4. Configure Your Windows Settings:-

It’s time to configure your windows and it’s settings. Change all settings according to your convenience. Like “Disable unwanted startup softwares, Changing folder settings, Display settings, Icon Settings, Battery settings, Extension settings and much more.

5. Create A Restore Point:-

Your PC is configured according to you and now it is ready to use. Now you have to take a smart step and make a restore point, So that you can restore it if you got any problem or you got stucked in any kind of windows related problems.

To create a Restore Point you have to Right click on “My Computer” Icon and select “Properties”. Now click on “System Protection” and click on “Create” button. Now enter the description or any name and simply click on Create. You’re Done.

This is the step by step tutorial and I hope you will like it. If you really liked it then share it with your friends because Sharing is Caring. 🙂

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