5 Things You To Know Jamdani Silk

5 Things You To Know Jamdani Silk Tech2Fire

5 Things You To Know Jamdani Silk

The Jamdani silk sarees are still on the top list of luxury silk sarees in retail garment stores and in online textile retailers. The jamdani saree designs are unparalleled, such that you can buy them from the place where it is weaved. This is the patent of Bangladesh, and it has UNESCO certification too. There are different types of jamdani silk sarees, which are made of 100% cotton and muslin. When comes to Bengal handloom sarees, the jamdani silks have a special price as they are different from other fabrics. Anyone can buy saree online by selecting jamdani silks in major e-commerce channels in wedding saree collections and in luxury sari collection.

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The history of jamdani fabrics dates back to 3rd BC. This has spread to other nations through silk trade. It has become a popular fabric for the Europeans in their medieval times. This was the fabric for the Royals in North India during the medieval period. The patent for rights was still in disputes with India, which is its neighbouring country. However, the UNESCO granted by the origin place and at last Bangladesh got its original pattern rights or trademark to preserving this traditional handloom weaving.

Light Weight and Strong Cloth

The Wright Brothers chose this clothing as the finest stuff to cover their plane wings for its light and strong fabric features. Even today, the aviation industry uses this as one of the raw materials in manufacturing light places to jets external covering shield on a metal base.

Other Names of Jamdani

This handloom product is the pattern of Bangladesh. It is famous for the place where it is woven. They are South Rupshi and Narayanganj in Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh. The below mentioned are some of the most called names by silk saree lovers across the globe.

  • Bangladeshi jamdani saree
  • Dhakai jamdani saree
  • Dhakai muslin saree
  • Narayanganj jamdani silk sarees
  • Bengal looms cotton jamdani silk sari
  • Jamdani pattu sarees
  • Rupshi sarees

Jamdani Fabric is Cotton or Muslin

Initially, Bangladesh is well known for producing cotton from the ancient times. The jamdani saris were 100% cotton in the ancient times. The jamdani weaver added silk later on for the Royals. The muslin weaving came into existence soon after the colonial invasion.

Jamdani Silk – Buy Saree Online

The jamdani saree cost online is unbelievable, when you compare their price with luxury saris nearby your boutique store. Jamdani saree price online comes with discounts and offers, which other retail silk saree stores never give to a customer. The silk saree lovers can buy exclusive jamdani sarees online with free shipment and with the best return policy. It is advisable to view jamdani saree pictures online, compare their price with top 10 online textile retailers and buy jamdani saree online shopping only. They are amazing to see with floral designs, which is most suitable for the wedding.

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