Android Pie 9 Amazing Features for Android Phones

After the Android Oreo and Nougat, now it’s the time for Android pie! Google has now finally announced the official Android 9 pie for all the devices. Android Pie, as of now is going to be one of the best Android version for the purpose of best battery backup and stabilization. So, here are some of the advanced features of Android pie:

Android Pie 9 Amazing Features for Android Phones

Android Pie 9 Amazing Features for Android Phones

Adaptive Battery: Android Pie works on the principle of machine Learning to predict which apps you will be going to use in the next few sets of hours and which apps you mostly care and use, so your phone only spends battery power on the apps.

Adaptive Brightness: Android Pie with the Adaptive Brightness learns how to set your screen brightness in the different set of lightning environment and automatically does it for you over the course of time.

App limits: App limits help you to set the time limit on apps for a time of around 15 or 30 minutes according to your choice, and it will alert you when you are about to near that time limit. This is a great thing to check your app usage.

Manage Notifications: Android Pie provides much more control over the app notifications. With the help of this feature, you can quickly turn off your notifications from a wide range of apps so that you will receive only from those which are important for you.

Sound delay reporting: this is also one of the amazing features that come with support for headsets with sound delay reporting so that audio on your headphones and video on your device can always stay in sync.

Gesture Navigation: This is a great essential feature of the Android Pie. It helps you to navigate the system without the help of an old navigation bar. You can quickly switch between apps with the help of gestures in spite of using buttons.


Now there is much more about the Android 9 Pie, this Android release also includes more colourful menu settings, rounded corners across the OS and refreshed fonts.

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