Things to Keep in Mind at the time of Buying Laptop

A laptop is a compact and portable device which you can take it anywhere and can also use it anywhere. So now considering buying a laptop then here are some of the things that need to keep in mind to get a perfect laptop:

Things to Keep in Mind at the time of Buying Laptop

Things to Keep in Mind at the time of Buying Laptop


A processor is the brain of the computer. Two main companies provide processors for the laptop that is AMD and Intel. So, if you have a budget of around 20k then you can choose AMD because at the low end there are some of the AMD processors which can perform better than Intel, but if you have a budget of 25k then Intel is the best option and make sure that you go with the latest processor as it will be more efficient in terms of battery and performance.


Random Access Memory(RAM) is an essential factor which needs to keep in mind as the speed of the laptop depends on the RAM amount. The more RAM you have on your laptop, the faster the performance you will get. Make sure that you took RAM more than 4GB for the amazing faster experience.


The screen is divided into ordinary screen and widescreen, Widescreen screen with an aspect ratio of 16:10, an ordinary screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Widescreen displays are better than ordinary screen when viewed in full screen. The common screen sizes are 14 inches and 15 inches.


When it comes to the storage options, if you want to play games then you require more storage, you should go for the 2TB(TeraByte). Nowadays all the laptops are coming with around 1TB of storage.

So, these are the three basic things that you should keep in mind at the time of buying a laptop


So, if you want a fast processor with good RAM and storage, then you can go for the Asus latest S series or the Dell A series, as both of these latest laptops are the best laptops as of now in the market and is also budget friendly just at a starting cost of Rs 18,000.

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