How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

This tech2fire teaches you the way to access and manage a laptop remotely from another laptop by putting in the remote desktop package on each computer and How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer. Once put in on each computer, you’ll be able to found out one laptop to be the “host” laptoppermitting it to be controlled by another laptop from anyplacesee you later as each computers square measure connected to the netsquare measure power-driven on, and have the correct package put in.How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer, Programs like Team Viewer and Chrome Remote Desktop will be put in on any laptop and may be accessed by different computers or maybe iOS or automation devices, whereas Windows Remote Desktop will be found out on a Windows host laptop and accessed by different Windows or mack computers to access another computer on the remote desktop.

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How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

(1) Method: TeamViewer

  1. Go to the TeamViewer transfer web site on the pc you wish to access. Go to this link and Download Teamviewer.
    How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer
    Your most popular browser. TeamViewer can find your software for you. If TeamViewer incorrectly determines your software, click your computer’s OS within the row of choices within the middle of the page.
  2. Scroll down and click on transfer TeamViewer. it is an inexperienced button close to the highest of the page. Doing, therefore, prompts the TeamViewer setup file to start downloading to your laptop.
    Depending on your browser’s settings, you can get to save the file or indicate a transfer location before the file will truly transfer.
  3. Double-click the TeamViewer file. On Windows, this is often a setup file known as “TeamViewer_Setup”, where smack users can double-click the “TeamViewer.dmg” file.
  4. Install TeamViewer. To do so:
    Windows – Check the “Installation to access this laptop remotely” box, check the “Personal / Non-commercial use” box, and click on settle forend.
    Mac – Double-click the installer package, click OK, open the Apple menu Image titled Macapple1.png, click System Preferences, click Security and Privacy, open up Anyway next to the “TeamViewer” message, and click on Open once prompted. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. View your computer’s ID. On the left facet of the TeamViewer window, you will see a “Your ID” section below the “Allow Remote Control” heading. you’ll have this ID to access the host laptop.
  6. Create a custom word. To do so:
    Hover over this word.
    Click the circular arrow left of the word.
    Click Set personal word within the computer menu.
    Enter your most popular word into the “Password” and “Confirm password” fields.
    Click OK.
  7. Download, install, and open TeamViewer on your second laptopthis could be {the laptop|the pc} that you will use to access the host computer. You can conjointly transfer TeamViewer on your iPhone or automaton,
  8. Enter the primary computer’s ID into the “Partner ID” field. This field is the correct facet of the TeamViewer window, slightly below the “Control Remote Computer” heading.
  9. Make sure “Remote Control” is checked. If not, click the circle to the left of this feature.
  10. Click hook up with a partner. It’s close to the lowest of the TeamViewer window.
  11. Enter the wordthis is often the word you set within the “Allow Remote Control” section of TeamViewer on the host laptop.
  12. Click go online. It’s at the lowest of the TeamViewer Authentication window.
  13. View your connected computer’s screen. once a short moment, you will see the primary computer’s screen seem within the TeamViewer window on the second computer’s screen. Once you see the host computer’s screen, you’ll be able to move with it like it were your own laptopTo disconnect, you will click the X at the highest of the TeamViewer window.

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