Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers

Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers

Firstly, the two most basic techniques that I believe every blogger and copywriter must know are:

  • Basics of SEO writing.

  • Searching, by which most people find new content online.

Once you’ve learned these two basic steps, you can move to advanced SEO blogger techniques.

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Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers writing:-

  1. SEO- friendly sites:- Make sure you’re using SEO friendly blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress & other high PR sites.
  2. Consistency:- Make sure you’re writing consistently (min 3-4 times/week) as search engines like- Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. rank your site according to the frequency of how often it is updated.
  3. Keywords:- Always use the keywords that are relevant to your content. Look out the keywords having high traffic & used by your competitors.
  4. Interesting Article:- keep your article interesting that can be readable by almost everyone & people will stay on your page to read them.
  5. Headers & Sub-headers:- In order to organise your content & make it more effective, use headers & Sub-headers (H1,H2,H3 tags in HTML).
  6. Linking ‘deep-content’:- use ‘anchor text’ & linking ‘deep-content’ in your website or blog. Also, if you’ve articles available on your website related to the blog you’re writing, link to them often.
  7. Guest-blogging:- Do this for other sites at least a few times/month, as it is more valuable as writing the post on your own site. The inbound link is essential while doing ‘guest blogging’.
  8. Good Titles:- Always try to make good titles as it represents the core message that you’re going to discuss on your blog. Remember, people always want to share good & attractive titles on social media.
  9. Outbound links:- use outbound links but make sure to quality stuff. It’s a great way to increase your page rank by linking to highly ranked sites.
  10. Pictures/photos:- Use pictures along with the keywords in titles, alt tags or description as well. It makes the blog more attractive & attentive.

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