Best Caller ID Apps for Android in 2018

Best Caller ID Apps for Android in 2018

True Caller

True Caller is the most popular and used call blocker & Caller ID app which is as of now available on the play store. This app comes up with some of the smart search features which work for all parts of the world.  Having the high base of users it has gathered a big database of numbers and their Owners. Along with that it also asks for user feedback on a day to day which enables them to maintain trustworthy detail from the users.

Best Caller ID

Caller ID By App

CallerID apps are also one of the best caller ID app. Caller ID by CallApp not only identifies the caller but only accurately predict if the call is promotional or Spammy with the help of their AI. This app has around 100 million users across the globe, so as it claims it has a database of over 1 billion Contact numbers around the world. It also alerts a user if all the international Calls are coming as a promotional or Spammy.


This app is much like similar to the TrueCaller in Play Store. Showcaller is a very powerful app to identify caller info while someone calls you. You can gather info against an unknown number with the help of this app. It also comes up with the latest Smart SMS filter which can filter your required messages out of unwanted messages. As of now just like the TrueCaller and other apps it also maintains a huge database of contact numbers around 1 billion from all across the globe.

Best Caller ID

Calls blacklist

Calls Blacklist is one of the lightest apps all the apps in the list. Apart from just being a lightweight, it also drains a very less amount of battery as compared with other apps in this list. This app has no database but it can help you fight fishing calls or any other type of the promotional calls. It also offers SMS filter for better efficiency and prevents spamming.

Mr. Number

Mr.Number is another growing popular Alternative to TrueCaller. It truly deserves the title of Detective of Detecting all the Unknown callers and SMS Filters. With the help of this application, blocking number or filtering SMS is a Cherry job. Along with all features, it offers nice Ad-free Front End interface for productivity and user-friendliness.

Best Caller ID

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