How to Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” Using Android Smartphone

How to Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” Using Android Smartphone

Do you know about the Harry Potter? Yeah that’s right you guessed it perfectly, it is the series of movies that we all have grown up watching and we all love up the artist inside the movie i.e Harry Potter. Now its time to learn how to Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” using Android smartphone.

If you have also witnessed these movies with your own eyes then you might be knowing about all those magical essences of the film that is created and after watching the movies, you too might be wishing to have that magical powers. Although this might not be tired real however still to assist you somehow produce that variety of essence on your smartphone Google have done the partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and hence given all the Android smartphone users a chance to cast Harry Porter Spells on the device. It’s a way to promote the upcoming film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by the Warner Bros Pictures that relates the story of the Harry Potter when he hasn’t arrived for the Hogwart decades back. Just read the article to know how you could also cast “Harry Potter Spells” using the Android smartphone!

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How to Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” Using Android Smartphone

The method is very simple and straight and you just need to follow some of the simple steps below to proceed.

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Steps To Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” Using Android Smartphone:

  1. Using the Harry Potter Spells on your android device is solely too really simple, you merely need to raise your device through the Google presently Voice Assistant. Switch to the Assistant then victimization your voice spell up the commands which might lead to playing some totally different tasks betting on the commands.
  2. These commands want some further keywords i.e Harry Potter Spells to be spoken with a number of the Google’s default commands. victimization these commands, you’ll simply perform some easy tasks though until currently there aren’t numerous Harry Porter Spells however still with a number of these spells solely you may shock your friends.
  3. The 3 new Harry Potter spells that all you may use ar Lumos, Nox and Silence. of these 3 spell commands let your device do some outlined tasks. to understand concerning a number of the tasks that you may go through these spells are given below, simply scan on to understand concerning these:

    Ok Google, Lumos:
    Speak this command to the Google Voice Assistant on your android device and it might lead to turning ON your device’s torch.

    Ok Google, Nox:
    This spell command can close up the enabled torch of your device

    Okay Google, Silencio:
    This spell once spoken to the Google voice Assistant ends up in turning off your device’s volume
    How to Cast Magical “Harry Potter Spells” Using Android Smartphone
  4. Till currently there are solely these commands by the Google however perhaps you would possibly raise some additional such commands by the Google. Either these commands or the spells will be enough to form prank of your friends or to shock them for enjoyment.

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You have now got the way through which you can also cast the Harry Potter Spells on your Android device and hence let your device perform variously defined tasks through that spells like turning off your phone’s ringer and notifications etc. Just go and try this on your device too and impress your friends through the spells.

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