37,000 Chrome Users Installed A Fake Adblock Plus Extension

37,000 Chrome Users Installed A Fake Adblock Plus Extension techviral quicntgx

A fake version of the Adblock Plus extension has been available in the Chrome Web Store for several days. Well, search giant Google already removed the fake extension from the web store. Users who have installed the fake Adblock Plus extension claims that the fake Adblock Plus did not block ads.

37,000 Chrome Users Installed A Fake Adblock Plus Extension

Adblock and is so one among the foremost useful Google Chrome extension that helps users to dam redundant ads from the online pages. If you’ve got recently put in Adblock and Google Chrome extension then you wish to examine if it’s okay.

A pretend version of the Adblock and extension has been on the market within the Chrome net Store for many days. Well, search big Google already removed the pretend extension from the online store, however, it’s calculable that the pretend version has had a minimum of 37,000 downloads.

Well, the pretend Adblock and Google Chrome extension was 1st notified by a Twitter user United Nations agency goes by the name SwiftOnSecurity. Upon being notified, Google promptly removed it, however, the oversight was great: the extension stayed there for quite a whereas and because it accurately mimicked the particular Adblock and page.

Users United Nations agency have put in the pretend Adblock and extension claim that the pretend Adblock and failed to block ads. Instead, it did precisely the opposite: it stuffed the browser with countless advertising.

This is not the primary time that a pretend Adblock and extension are found within the Chrome net Store. In fact, the matter was relatively common in 2015, once the demand for ad blockers unfold exponentially.

Well, Google is functioning exhausting to forestall pretend extensions showing within the store. It’s clear that the company needs to upgrade its verification process to further reduce the risks of malicious software making its entrance to the web store.

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