How To Create A Folder Using CMD (CMD Shell)

Create Folder Using CMD
Create Folder Using CMD

Not several Windows users area unit conversant in CMD. The common thought is that solely programmers and laptop geeks use CMD. Basically, CMD may be a tool that you just will use to speak along with your Windows laptop. tho’ the program and different input ways area unit introduced, CMD is one tool that you just cannot consider granted. Some commands, like making folders, area unit easier to execute victimization CMD. you will laugh and assume that it’s tougher to make a folder victimization CMD rather than victimization your mouse and therefore the “Right click > New folder” technique. you will have a degree, however what if you’re asked to make ten folders or more? CMD would greatly change the task. making a folder victimization CMD is straightforward. this text can show you the way.

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Step 1. Open Run using WIN + R key then type “CMD” and hit enter.

Step 2. Enter the drive name where you want to make a folder. eg: If you want to make a folder in C drive then type “C:” and hit enter.

Step 3. Now type “MKDIR Folder Name” Folder Name = Your Desired Folder Name

Step 4. You’re done.

Step 5. To go to your newly created folder, type “CD Your Folder Name” and hit enter.

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