Exciting Features of iOS 12 You Should Check

The Apple iOS 12 update has been rolled out across the globe and the update comes with a lot of newly latest added features. Excited to know about the new features of iOS 12? Well. So, here is a list of 5 some of the most amazing features in iOS 12.

Exciting Features of iOS 12 You Should Check

Exciting Features of iOS 12 You Should Check

#1 Notifications

In iOS 12, multiple notifications from one app can now be grouped together in the form of both the lock screen and the notification center. Clicking on one of these groups will expand them out so you can access them separately according to your choice.

#2 Siri Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow for custom types of Siri interactions, with can also either be as part of third-party apps or in a new app called Shortcuts which will help you to create your own and add them to Siri.

#3 Memoji and Animoji

With the help of a Memoji, now you can make your own animated avatar. You can select various options such as the hairstyle, nose shape, skin tone, eye shape, facial hair to even headgear. You can now also customize your look, or you can make a random character which you want to use as a part of Memoji. While Animoji’s are introduced in the iOS version 11, these are just like the animated faces that you can control with the help of the front-facing TrueDepth sensor array. They animate like Pixar characters, which is also representing directly to your facial expressions and head movements in real time. In iOS 12, Apple has added four new Animojis, and they have two new capabilities as well.

#4 Password Manager

iOS 11 comes with a strong password manager that looks just like Keychain on the Mac, which accesses the same data in the form of an iCloud. Now users will likewise have the ability to share passwords and even get the particular password at the time of requirement.

#5 Performance

Apple this time has highly focused on improving performance on iOS 12 along with adding some of the new features in this new update. iOS 12 has been overhauled for improved performance on the latest iPhones or iPads. Now you will see that there is around 40 percent faster app launch on the new iOS 12. The animations are now smoother across the system.

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