How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

If your internet is not working because of any DNS errors that you are getting on your browser then here is the guide to Fix DNS Errors and Regain Access to the Internet. So follow the complete article to proceed.

You may have encountered some error in your web browser stating you that there are some DNS related issues which are enforcing to block the web pages from being loaded properly. This problem might not come for every one of the websites or the links but for some kind of websites or web services only, you would likely to try up a lot to solve these issues by changing up the browser settings but still, you don’t get up to mark results. This could make you feel more frustrated and you start to think about what kind of error is this i.e DNS error? DNS stands for Domain Name System and is usually associated with the DNS server. Let’s go straight and don’t get too deep into the process, how can you solve the problem? This is the question for which you might be finding up the answer and here in this article, we have discussed the issue and it’s repairing in detail. Just read the article to know more!

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow a simple step by step guide below to proceed.

Removing DNS Cache

The computer tends to save up the website link or the URL’s that you visit up a lot so as to prevent up searching for the DNS every time. This is stored on your computer in form of caches but this may sometimes cause up the DNS Errors if the caches become corrupted. Now the thing is that you need to resolve up the issue regarding up the DNS errors and you can do that by clearing away all that cache.

  • To do that in Windows Computer Type up the command “config flushdns” in the Command Prompt and then hit the enter button. This will flush away all the DNS cache from your Windows computer.

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

  • To perform up to the same in Mac OS X write up the command dscacheutilflushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder” (OSX 10.10.4+) or “sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache; sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcache;” (OSX in the terminal app and hit up enter.

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

  • In Linux type in the command “/etc/init.d/nscd restart” in the command window and then hit enter.

How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

Using Public DNS Server

Try to change up your server as the issue may be prevailing because of your server being dead or not working correctly. Just change your server for example “” to “” as from the settings of your web browser. Try to change up the adapter settings too for the DNS server instead of using up the default one.

Disable your Computer’s Security Firewalls

You might have installed up to the anti-virus programs or have enabled up to the firewall securities on your device that would also be causing up the issue so try to disable them all for some time and maybe you shall get up your DNS related issues solved.

This was finally the strategy through that you’ll be able to simply solve up the DNS errors whereas browsing up the websites. You have also got up that there is no need at all to play up with the issue through using up the more complicated tasks but it can be cured just using some simple steps. At last, you just need to apply the method to your browser while you get up the DNS related issues and you shall get up the fix right at that instant only.

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