[FIX] Error retrieving information from server RH-01

Error retrieving information from server RH-01

Hey guys !! I know you love your mobile device but what will happen next when your mobile device will stop working? I mean, when some important apps will stop working like Google Play Store. I found many questions on the internet which are saying that their google play store stopped working with an error code. It is showing something like this “Error retrieving information from server RH-01”. If you are facing such problem then you’re in right place.

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Let me tell you first what actually this problem is? This problem generally occurs when your mobile device stops communicating with google play server. It happens when you install any random app from any other source like Internet download or get a shared app by a friend. If that app is a virus or virus infected, then it can corrupt your system files and you might face problems like this.

Fix Error retrieving information from server RH-01

Now talk about the solutions:-

  • Time and Date Corrections:- It is the minor error that can get you into a problem headache. Try to set your device’s Time and Date. Go to your device Settings, Then go to Time and Date and correct the error if see one. If the time and date are correct then leave it and try another solution.


  • Clear cache of Google Apps:- Clearing the cache of some related Google apps might be helpful in this trouble. Go to Settings then go to Apps or Application Manager and Search for Google Play Store and clear its data. Now search for Google Play Services and clear data. Now search for Google Service Framework and clear its data. Now reboot your device and try to open the Play Store.


  • Re-add your Google Account:- This step is the final step to get rid of this problem. Go to Settings and choose Accounts. Now click on your google account and remove it. Now go to Google Play Store re-login with your Google account credentials.

You’re done. Your Google Play Store will work like a charm now. If you found this tutorial helpful then share this post and give your valuable comments.

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