Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone Fix

missing personal hotspot

Ever since the primary number of updates in iOS 8, several users are complaining concerning the missing personal hotspot on iPhone. there is not any one concrete resolution nevertheless however many fixes appear to possess worked for lots of individuals. If you utilize associate iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.x and therefore the personal hotspot switch is missing in Cellular settings, here square measure some stuff you will attempt.

Now, obviously, the primary belongings you ought to note is that non-public Hotspot could be a carrier-dependent feature. If your arrange does not embody Personal Hotspot, the missing Personal Hotspot isn’t a drag. it is the feature. however, if your arrange will embody personal hotspot, and you do not see it in Settings/Cellular, this resolution would possibly fix it. Let’s solve the problem 🙂

Steps to be followed For Fix Missing Personal Hotspot:-

1) Step:-  Go to Settings.

2) Step:- Tap on Mobile Data.

3) Step:- Tap on Mobile Data Options.

4) Step:- Scroll down and find Personal Hotspot section and enter your APN (Access Point Name) and go back.

Voila !! Personal Hotspot will be shown there in settings.


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