How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors

How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors

Here in this article, you’ll learn the way you’ll be able to solve the problems with Windows written record and therefore the methodology that you’ll be able to fix/repair them. Just follow the article below to know how you can do that.

When you install the Windows on your computer, the Windows then stores the blueprint for your installation as a registry file. If this file gets corrupted, it can cause different issues and would also cause the display errors. If you have to fix these errors then you will have to fix your registry and restore it.

How To Fix/Repair Windows Registry Errors

You can solve the registry errors on your Windows by different ways and all the ways that you can try are given below:


The reason why I put this method on the top is that if you have ever encountered a particularly irksome piece of malware or virus affecting your registry then you will always have a backup at the time. So, all you need to is make a backup of your registry fields so that you can use it later.

  1. First of all, press Windows+R. This will open the run box and there you need to type “regedit” and then simply press enter.
    How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors
  2. Now from there, you need to click on “File” and then click on “Export”
    How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors
  3. Now a dialogue box will pop-up and you need to enter a name of your choice and store it in a safe location.
    How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors


Simply follow the same steps mentioned above. Select File>Import and there browse to the location where you saved the backup file and hit “Open”. That’s it! this is the easiest way to avoid registry errors.

How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors

(1) Using System Restore

You would be knowing about the system restore feature of the Windows in which you first create the backup of your Windows when it is working fine and then you can restore it to the same settings in the future. Here you have to do the same and restore your system to the point when it was working fine and was not having any registry issue. This will also restore the registry to the previous point, hence solves the errors related to it. Below are the steps how you can restore your system while you are using Windows.

  1. First of all, open the control panel on your Windows. Here in the control panel, search for the ‘System Restore’ option and click it.
    How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors
  2. This will open the System Restore panel. If you had created the backup for your system before, you will see that backup in the ‘System Restore’ panel. Select the restore point from there.
    How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors
  3. After selecting the restore point, click on the “Scan for the affected programs” button on the System Restore panel. This will start the scanning of the restore point for affected programs. If there are no affected programs found on the selected restore point then you can go ahead and restore your computer to that point by clicking “Next” and then “Finish” button that appears on the panel.

(2) Using Software

There is some package obtainable on the market that you just will use to unravel the errors associated with the written record. These package work by restoring the written record to the time wherever it worked fine. This package additionally|also can|can even|may also|may} use the knowledge from the web to update your written record it also finds the problems along with your written record so tries to repair them, all you’ve got to run through a number of the choices at intervals this package and you shall get the errors removed. One of the best software that you can also use to solve registry problems is CCleaner. This software has particular options inside to work with the registry of the computer on which you have installed it. You can Download & Install the CCleaner from here.

How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors

You can also fix your computer for Windows errors by cleaning it. Just clean the trash and junk files from your system and it shall fix the errors. For cleaning the system, you can again use the CCleaner software on your computer.

So this was all about How To Fix/Repair Windows Registry Errors. The written account errors square measure terribly straightforward to be fastened by the higher than ways that and additionally, you don’t ought to worry regarding something as by exploitation these steps your system won’t cause written account errors. the sole factor of that you’ve got to require care is that, whereas doing the system restore all the settings of your pc are going to be additionally modified and rehabilitated. simply go and use these ways that to mend the errors associated with a written account on your Windows.

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