Getting Cheap Laptop Computers for Students

Getting Cheap Laptop Computers for Students

In past years I have found good prices on everything from entry-level laptops to low to mid-range gamers from mid-March to early May. This time of year has been a good time to shop for and buy cheap laptop computers for students. Graduation is coming up, and a laptop is a good gift. When I say cheap here, I mean a lower price, not an inferior laptop.

Getting Cheap Laptop Computers for Students

Right now, the sweet spot for new computers seems to be older generation Intel Core i3 and the occasional core i5 equipped laptop computer. Bargain sale prices can be found on these if you look around. They aren’t the cheapest models available, but in my mind, they give you the best bang for your buck.

A friend of mine is looking to buy a laptop for her daughter who is a junior in high school. She would like to find a machine that will, barring accidents, (Some studies show a third or more of laptop computers suffer serious physical damage in the first two years.) take her daughter through her first two years of college. Cheap laptop computers for students should be in the $500 to $750 price range. For students, unless the student is a gamer. A computer in this price range should be more than enough for almost all majors. If you want a gaming laptop, check out the recommended laptop models by LaptopJudge.

Finding the Best Value Laptop Computer for You

The advice I gave my friend was to take her daughter to the local big box electronics store, Best Buy, and have her daughter bang on the keyboards and look at the models they have on display. If you have seen my laptop computer brands and parts of laptop pages. You know that most laptops are made by the same people in the same factories from parts from the same companies and the real difference is to look and feel. No top brand is better than another top brand it is what particular buyers (or reviewers) like.

At the store, you can decide what brands look and feel good to you. Then the shopping for cheap laptop computers for students begins.

Check the websites of the makers of the brands you think you like. There are summaries of what type of information is available on the websites of most of the largest brands on my buy a laptop page.

The places I have bought more computers from than the maker’s websites are the major online retailers such as Compusa, Tiger Direct, and Newegg. I have found better prices, on this level of cheap laptops for students, on these sites. If you are searching for laptop accessories, check out this article – why you should have a 17″ laptop backpack for your laptop.

Do you want to buy a cheap laptop? Let me know through comments.

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