Google Bans Smartphones Who Android Having More Than 2 Notches

Google Bans Smartphones Who Android Having More Than 2 Notches
Google Bans Smartphones Who Android Having More Than 2 Notches

Today We Discuss that Google bans Smartphones who company have more 2 notches so let’s start…

Google Bans Smartphones Who Android Having More Than 2 Notches

With the arrival of the tech giant Apple’s flagship smartphone, of course, iPhone X, the use of notch in smartphones has become a reality. Something that almost all manufacturers want to use. In fact, this small notch allows you to gain useful area on the screen, something that has long been sought.

Based on this reality, the tech giant Google has now decided to create rules for the Android P operating system, like notch, setting something that may seem strange. The rules state that these devices can not have more than 2 notches on the screen.

In a recent publication, the tech giant Google has detailed what it defines as the rules to be enforced by manufacturers regarding the use of clippings on the screens of their devices.

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The rules for notches on Android

The most basic idea in these rules is the prohibition of using more than 2 notches on a screen, being defined that only one can be used at each end of the screen. One above, as we already see today and another below, something that has not yet emerged as an idea to be used.

These rules also define that these notches can only be used in these positions. It is not allowed to place these elements on the sides of the screen, either on the left or on the right.

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The practical use of these rules

Of course, the definition of these rules does not exist only to establish limits. They will be used to define how programmers will be able to use the screens, ensuring the possibility of these elements in predetermined places.

Google’s biggest problem is in Android

The biggest problem lies in the open-source nature of Android. This means that even with these rules, nothing prevents manufacturers from creating their equipment with more than 2 notches. Unexpected places and still install Android in their equipment.

This is a problem that does not yet exist, but with the evolution of technology may arise in the equipment created by the manufacturers. With these rules, the tech giant Google establishes an important limit and gives app developers a platform with well-defined bases.

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