How Jyoti Rubber Company Turned The Wheels of Fortune During This Pandemic To Get Back To Normal?

JYOTI RUBBER UDYOG INDIA LIMITED is a reputed manufacturing industrial company in India and we will show you How Jyoti Rubber Company Turned The Wheels of Fortune During This Pandemic To Get Back To Normal?

The last twelve months have been difficult. Perhaps a large majority of firms across different industries would say the same.

The pandemic shocked the world at large. Our immediate reaction was to recede into our homes and prioritize health above all else.

And then came the sinking realization: the pandemic will deal a hard blow to business as well.

At JYOTI RUBBER, we too had the same realization. We too had doubts at one point. We knew we had to change tracks and adapt to the changing times.

We had to usher in ten years of business evolution in the space of a few months.

Looking back, everyone at JYOTI RUBBER managed to live up to the moment. We turned the page and have now emerged stronger as the pandemic draws to a close.

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What were the challenges JYOTI RUBBER COMPANY faced?

The pandemic posed all forms of challenges. As a company producing industrial rubber products, we were forced to grapple with several immediate obstacles when the pandemic first became apparent in the public conscience.

Reacting to the crisis

The first challenge we faced was emerging from the immediate shock of the pandemic. When we look back, it almost seems like we became aware of the pandemic one day and went into lockdown the next.

This naturally created a sense of shock. India saw nationwide lockdowns for almost three months. As a rubber product manufacturer, we were almost shocked into changing and reacting to the crisis.

All businesses have some form of strategy on dealing with a crisis. The pandemic presented the biggest crisis the rubber industry has faced in the last few years. At JYOTI RUBBER, we learned how to react to the challenge on every level, from sourcing to production and quality assurance to marketing.

Balancing caution and risk

Once things opened back up, we had a plan in place to react to the crisis. Our goal was to balance a necessary sense of caution with the obvious risk of the virus.

We got production back up while following the prescribed health guidelines. While we could not immediately reach pre-pandemic production levels, we were still able to start the ball rolling.

Balancing caution and risk was not simply a business strategy. This was something we tried to inculcate on a company-wide level.

Every employee had to accept a certain amount of risk coming to work every day. This risk was necessary to keep JYOTI RUBBER going.

With this risk also came the responsibility be cautious. We followed all the cautionary guidelines essential to stave off the virus. From enabling social distancing in the workplace to communicating the need for caution across the company, we did everything possible to make sure that the business could find a new normal as soon as possible.

Finding alternatives to old ways of business

The pandemic made us see the faults in the old ways of doing business. The need to diversify became clearer than ever before.

We had to figure out a new acquisition strategy as the old ways of converting clients to customers were made redundant.

Digital outreach and online marketing have been around for a long time now. We chose them as alternatives to old forms of customer acquisition in order to keep our business going.

This transformation was only accelerated by the pandemic. Digital outreach is becoming the norm and it only made sense to make serious inroads in online marketing during the pandemic. A time of crisis is a great point to reflect and change gears.

We tried to do the same and ended up reshaping our entire business strategy around digital marketing and online outreach.

What measures did JYOTI RUBBER COMPANY take?

Each of these challenges brought on a multitude of tasks we had to accomplish. Not only did we change our way of working, we also started following new ways to acquire clients and created a different set of productivity benchmarks.

Our main goal initially was to see out the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. However, we discovered more efficient ways to meet short and long-term goals that can be applied unilaterally.

Creating an environment for socially distanced work life

The first logistical challenge was creating a socially distanced workplace environment. We could not open back up at the same capacity as we had in pre-pandemic days.

Finding the right balance between maximizing productivity and meeting safety guidelines took time. As much as we wanted to see JYOTI RUBBER return to normalcy, we knew that the business could come back sustainably only if we take health-related risks seriously.

We managed to create a socially-distanced workspace environment which enabled everyone at the company to work safely and push maximum productivity.

Since we could only call back a limited number of people, many of our employees picked up new skills and broadened their profile. As a company, we were proud to see our employees rising to the challenge and taking on the pandemic head on.

Their spirit and character drove JYOTI RUBBER past the initial dark days and helped us negate the impact of the pandemic.

Marketing our brand online

We completely overhauled our marketing strategy during the pandemic. Earlier, we relied on traditional outreach to find new customers. There was no coherent strategy in place to keep a stream of new customers coming in.

Switching to an online marketing strategy turned out to be a great decision. We managed to generate a lot of relevant leads for our business and created our own unique online presence.

In the rubber industry, we all have been hearing about online marketing for many years now. Some of us have changed while others remain stuck in the old ways.

From our experience, online marketing can seriously streamline your entire acquisition strategy. You can set up a passive system online to generate leads for your business while focusing most of your attention on running the business.

This is arguably better than worrying about clients and marketing waking up every morning. Online marketing has helped us cut outreach costs while only growing the number of people we reach.

The relevance of the audience we manage to reach is also remarkable. We would seriously recommend our peers in the rubber industry to consider switching to an online strategy.

Change may seem overwhelming at first, but it is definitely worth it.

Our thing we learned was to promote our business on the right online platform. There are many channels you can pursue in online marketing. As a rubber products manufacturer, it made more sense for us to target a select few channels that promised relevant engagement.

Risk management for business continuity

The pandemic brought many shocks to the supply and demand cycle of the rubber industry. Some weeks were phenomenally busy and others seemed painfully lifeless.

This environment is naturally not conducive for a business. We faced challenges when it came to sourcing as it was difficult to predict the demand cycles of our clients.

The best strategy was to prepare for worst case scenarios. We drew out a strategy on a response in case one of our employees tested positive for COVID.

Having these plans in place helped us manage our risk with greater feedback. We could work with much more confidence and vigor knowing that a pre-planned mechanism would kick in when something went wrong.

Even now, we have a smooth standard operating procedure that enables us to work with great freedom. This has made us prepare ourselves for other business challenges we may face later down the line.

From a business continuity perspective, the pandemic has been a great teacher. We have learned more about our industry and the specific challenges we face in a year than we did in the last decade.

Setting new productivity standards

Changes in work style and social distancing norms naturally forced us to set new productivity standards.

We knew matching pre-pandemic numbers was not immediately possible. We made sure we set a realistic target for our company. Overtime, we have learned new ways to enhance our productivity. Everyone at JYOTI RUBBER has made a sincere effort to enhance their skill set and work beyond the prescribed mandate.

This passion has enabled our company to set new productivity standards.

In conclusion

The last twelve months have been hard. At JYOTI RUBBER Company, we acknowledge the challenges we faced and the measures we took to meet them head on.

We managed to gain ground on some obstacles we faced. In other areas, we learned valuable lessons.

As the old saying goes, every crisis is an opportunity. At JYOTI RUBBER Company, we have come to take this teaching very seriously.


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