How To Control Your Android Phones From Computer

Control Your Android Phones From Computer

Your computer keyboard is much easier to type on than your smartphone’s tiny virtual one (even if you have a “phablet”). When you’re at the desktop, no need to pull out your phone to get directions, create an alarm, or create a note on your phone — just use the browser you’re already working in. Google’s Android Action Cards built into Google Search. The mystery is utilizing Google’s Android Action Cards incorporated with Google Search. Once you’ve connected your phone to Google, you’ll have the capacity to send directions, find your gadget, send notes, set alerts, and set updates with a couple of speedy “searches” or directions you write into the search bar. Let’s start.

  • First, you’ve to update your google app. Goto Google Play Store and search for Google App ( If there any update isn’t available then its good )
  • Google Now notifications turned on in the Google app. Go to the Google app, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner, then Settings > Now cards. Toggle on show cards and “show notifications” or similar instructions.
  • Toggle on Web & App Activity on your Google account page.
  • Make sure you’re signed into Google on both your phone’s Google app and on on your computer–with the same account.

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  • Send Directions to Your Phone

Now we can utilize or the omnibar extension in Chrome to push data to our phones. Sort in send bearings, for instance, in the pursuit box and Google will discover your phone’s area and demonstrate a gadget to enter into a goal. When you do as such, you can tap the “Send headings to my telephone” connection to in a flash send that information to your telephone. From that point, it’s only a tap to begin the route in Google Maps. Note that while the warning sends bearings from your telephone’s present area to the goal, you can change the beginning area in Google Maps.

  • Send a Note to Your Phone

What if there’s something you want to jot down for later–an item you need from the grocery store or a useful website someone just shared with you? Type in send a note on or from the Chrome omnibar, and you’ll get a notification on your phone with the note content. You can copy the note text to your clipboard or share it to another app, such as your favorite note-taking or to do app, from there.

  • Set an Alarm or a Reminder

You’ve presumably as of now got it at this point, yet the way to setting a caution is hunting down set an alert and, comparably, set an update in Google. The alert is for the present day just and will be determined to your phone’s default clock application. The update will be set up with another Google Now card, which will remind you on your device when or where you set the update.

  • Find Your Find

Once your phone is connected, you can sort in discover my phone to find your phone and ring it. In the event that you have to bolt your phone or delete it on the grounds that your phone was lost or stolen, tap on the guide to get to Android Device Manager. Google Operating System also notes that if you’re outside of the US and don’t see the cards when you enter the phrases above, add &gl=us to the end of the search URL. Google Operating System also notes that if you’re outside of the US and don’t see the cards when you enter the phrases above, add &gl=us to the end of the search URL.

You’re done. Now you can control your phone with your computer like Setting alarm, Finding stolen phone and set reminders etc. Share this phone if you liked it coz sharing is caring. 🙂

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