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Health Tips to Maintain your BMI

The body mass index (BMI) is what he or she of all ages must maintain a healthy living. You must know, most of the people with a right BMI never fall sick and they feel much energetic and healthy. Maintaining BMI is not a tough task as you can find below health tips to be in your BMI according to your age, height and weight. It is advisable to check your BMI online as BMI measures vary with height, weight and age of people. The below mentioned is 5 health tips that you can follow and see the difference in your BMI.

Take Monthly BMI Measurement

Once you calculate your BMI, he or she will know how much they need is in the right BMI. If your BMI exceeds your normal level, you have to do physical exercise and eat protein-rich food to make it equal. If your BMI measure is low, then he or she must eat healthy and sleep for 8 hours to put weight. It is advisable to buy a BMI kit, which includes height scale, a weighing machine, a measuring tape and a personal BMI calculator device.

Brisk Walking

People, who fall in the right BMI, must at least walk for an hour daily to maintain their BMI in the same measure. A daily brisk walking will shed your extra fats and this will not store under your body skin. Which is the main cause of weight gain.

Drink 6-8 liters of Water Daily

People above teenage must drink at least six litters of water to maintain proper BMI. If you are doing some heavy works daily, it is advisable to drink eight litters of water daily. You must make this as a healthy habit by not consuming much tea/coffee and other beverages and drink water instead.

Physical Exercise

Daily doing physical exercise can maintain your BMI measure, as it makes you fit throughout the day. You will burn excess calories and can maintain proper weight. A daily 1-hour exercise is advisable for men and women in their adult age.


Daily 1-2 hours gymming is the best for people to put weight and lose weight to match their MBI. This is the best choice for people with low and a high BMI measure. Gymming with lightweight is advisable. You must not take any weight gainers, which are available in your gym or buy from an online store.

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