How To Remove Apps On Facebook

Remove Apps On Facebook

Hello, Friends!! I’m back with a new tutorial. How to delete apps which are using your Facebook permissions and activity? Here is a complete tutorial on it. we will talk about both sides, Prons and Cons. Before starting this tutorial, Let me tell you something about it. What is this and how it works?

Facebook offers an edge in which to put your diversion specifically on on desktops and tablets. Building an amusement on gives you the chance to profoundly incorporate into the center Facebook experience. Your amusement can coordinate with numerous parts of, including the News Feed and Notifications. The majority of the center Facebook Platform advancements, for example, Graph API, Facebook Login and Payments are accessible inside recreations on this stage.

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Prons:- Let’s talk about Prons. Some of these apps are very useful as games and apps. These apps try to make your details and progress protected and saved. When you login an app or game with its facebook app, then it started monitoring your activity and send it to the server, where your data is stored securely.

These apps are very useful when you change your device or restore your device. If you restored your device, then it becomes like an empty box. But with the help of these apps you can get your all progress back.

These apps save your time while signing up on a website or app. You don’t need you fill all boring form to making an account. Just click on “Login With Facebook” and you are done.

Cons:- If there are many prons, then there are some cons too. Some apps can spam you, You have to always beware of such apps. I suggest you always install apps which are made by good and trusted developers.

Some apps post on facebook wall without your permission. You have to remove them immediately. These apps can post anything without your permission.

Let’s remove the unwanted apps on Facebook. Please follow steps are provided below.

Step 1. Go to “Settings”.

Step 2. Go to “Apps” from the Left Menu.


Step 3:- Select the App and click on the cross button as shown in the pic below.


Step 4:- If you want to delete all your progress or changes which are made by the app, then check mark the box if you don’t want then don’t check the box. Keep it mind, If you checked the mark box then you will lose all your progress or changes which are made by the app. Now click on Remove.

You’re Done. You have successfully deleted the app. I recommend you to delete all unused or unknown apps from your account and regularly check for new apps. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends because sharing is caring. 🙂

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