How To Set Pattern Lock On Windows OS

set pattern lock tech2fire

Learn how to set pattern lock on windows os because we know very well, we love android features.

Security is the most important thing that most of the people look for. If you are an Android user, then you might be aware of built-in Android Lock pattern security. In windows, you have password-based lock security. But what if there’s an opportunity to feature Android-like pattern lock on windows OS. Sounds good right! In this article, I’ll show you How to set Android Like pattern lock on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 using Eusing Maze Lock.

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What is Eusing Maze Lock?

Eusing Maze Lock could be a free and simple to use tool that permits you to feature associate degree robot like pattern lock to windows os. With this, you’ll be able to add associate degree Automatic lock on windows at startup or when a given time. you’ll be able to use three kinds of grids (3X3,4X4 or 5X5) in pattern lock. you’ll be able to set associate degree alert message if the arcanum entered was wrong forgiven no.of times. you’ll be able to additionally backup your pattern as BMP image. Maze Lock features a feature to feature a picture as the background for the lock screen. Okay! allow us to see the way to use Eusing Maze Lock.

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How to set Pattern Lock on windows os

To add Pattern Lock security on your Windows OS, simply follow these straightforward steps.

  • First transfer Eusing Maze lock and install it on your pc. Currently, you’ll be able to see Maze lock icon in your system receptacle at right bottom corner.

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • Just right-click on Maze lock icon and choose tack together (or merely press Windows key +C).

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • Now Maze Lock tack together window seems. There you’ll see Default lock pattern. simply click on Reset Pattern to reset the present pattern and for adding a brand new one.

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • Now you’ve got to line a brand new pattern by dragging along with your mouse on the grid. By clicking on Backup Pattern, you’ll be able to save your pattern as a BMP image. However, certify that you just save your pattern at a secure place.

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • After putting in place a brand new pattern, click on General Tab. Here you’ve got you set Maze bosom settings same motion on Autolock at windows startup/after supposition case, adding fly text…

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • If you wish, you’ll be able to add a Background image for your lock screen. For that click on Background tab and click on amendment Image button, transfer image and click on ok button.

set pattern lock tech2fire

  • You’ve intercalary lock pattern security on your Windows OS. Currently, press windows key + A to open your lock screen and use your newly created pattern to unlock your system.

I hope you’ve understood the way to add pattern lock on windows OS. If you prefer this text, then be at liberty to share it with others.

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