How to Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your Location

How to Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your Location

Learn how to Use Snapchat while not Sharing Your Location that may assist you to own your privacy and avoid sharing of your location details to your mates. thus have a glance at complete guide mentioned below to proceed.

Snapchat is one amongst the simplest social media services that have gained the recognition in few years alone and this can be one thing that happens seldom as a result of returning into the minds of various individuals once piercing through the push of already out there social services isn’t straightforward. Snapchat by itself has gained extreme quality as a result of it consists of fantastic and addictive media sharing capabilities that no alternative social media service have earned. Currently, though the snap chat is choked with nice functions it additionally has some cons, one amongst that is that the sharing of location details that area unit unbroken necessary. Unable to produce that details cause the disabling of varied filters and options. This doesn’t fare as not each user would really like to share the placement. For preventing the snap chat from sharing the placement details there’s definitely technique out there and this method wouldn’t even stop any quite functions to figure. Here during this article, we’ve written this explicit methodology solely, if you’re interested or keen to grasp regarding this methodology then please go and skim out the total text below during this post!

How to Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your Location

On iOS Device:

1) 1st of all, we must always tell you that these specific steps are created to figure for less than the iOS running devices and no different platform would be ready to get the facilities of this half. If you own this same specific platform then please apply these steps to induce the advantages or plug the Snapchat to access the placement.

Use-Snapchat-Without-Sharing Your Location

2) therefore move to the device settings of the iOS, then from there below the Apps list search for the Snapchat then faucet on it. Reaching the Snapchat screen or the panel you’ll see that there would be a Location Access possibility with a pointer or the arrow bracket to its aspect. Merely faucet on this selection then proceeds to form the changes below there.

How to Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your Location

3) On the screen that seems modification the permit Location Access to be selected as ne’er instead of permitting it to use the location access. The photograph would then be unable to access the location details.

On Android Device:

1) This part is for the Snapchat on the android that is slightly totally different from that of the iOS. Therefore if you’re victimization the android device then please check that that you simply utilize the below steps to form up the changes.

2) First of all, go to the device settings and then head to the Apps settings from there. Like in the iOS you now would see a list of apps showing up on the screen. Just look for the Snapchat option and then click on it. Go to the App permissions option from there and then set the Location access to deny for this particular app.

How to Use Snapchat Without Sharing Your

Hence after reading this article you possibly have got to know about the easy method to set the snap chat preferences in such a way that there is no need for the sharing of location so as to access all of the functions. Even you could now be able to block the location access on your snap chat account which means that no other person could be able to identify your position on the globe. At last, we hope that you might have liked the information provided here in this article, and if it is what you actually think of then please take out some more time to share this article with more people. Write your opinions and suggestions regarding the post through the comments section below!

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