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Influencers and Bloggers in Media Marketing- Small Business

Social Media is booming and it took Marketing to a whole new level. The competition was always high in marketing sector, many organizations fighting for their place in the industry and what not. But the invention of social media is all together is a boon to the marketing sector. But the real question is where do you stand in this chaos. How much of this all you actually can work with? Over the past years, when blogging just started as a regular diary entry, no one has imagined the blogging to go this big, and when the Facebook first started, no one has given a thought that it could be a revolution in the marketing sectors. Simple ideas and great motivations always take their way.

Influencers and Bloggers in Business:

In past decade or for that matter in the early 20s, only celebrities from Cricket, movies used to endorse brands and promote their work along with the brands, but social media has given birth social media influencers. These influencers have the force to influence the decisions on their audience, as they have might have established a relation with their audience, where their opinion matters to the people. The key is to understand the influencers and use them as a asset rather than just another marketing tool. You might ask, why use social media or social media influencers in marketing? Well, the reports and researches answer this question, as of January 2019, it was recorded that 45% percent of world population is active on their social media profiles. What is better place to sell balloons than a school? The same applies here as well. People gain followers and they admire influencers, which can motivate the companies to use influencers to force the decision-making process of their followers. Influencers are paid well depending on their followers and their content reach. (Content being anything).

Now, that being said, Blogging may not be a business model, there are bloggers who have earned their place in the sector and most of the site we access today were given birth as a part of that business ideas. Understanding the business behind the blogging is important.  If in case, you think you might have missed the trend of making money from your Blogs, just search for “Make money from Blogs”. Thousands of search results and hundreds of examples and many more success stores.  And that gradually turned into a pretty good business actually. Anything could be a blog, top 10 places to visit in the world to simple snack recipes, anything can be a blog. We read many posts on daily basis, remedies, recipes, gossips, and everything is a blogging and people do earn money from blogs, all the advertisements, endorsement do happen in blogs and they do influence our opinions and marketing trends.


Influencers- bloggers and Small Business:

 Small business is complicated and even they need social media influencers. Product selling is a different thing all together here, but it is important for the small business owners to tell their audience that they exist and for that to happen, social media influencers and bloggers are nothing but a boon to them. It is important to identify the right person and the right site and then clearly communicate your goals with them. Communication is key to everything. If you are not able to convey your goals to your brand ambassador, it will be a road that is difficult going ahead.

Set priorities on the target audience, engage with your products and your content, and this way you can save lot more of economy of the production and the marketing. It might sound simple, but the complications take bigger hand, when small business owners think it is all about followers, but that is where everything can go wrong, number of followers and clicks on the ads does not matter if they are not your target audience, hence it is important to do research and observe the influencers and blogging trends before approaching them, to make sure they are the right person in and around your choice of marketing.

Small business, Thrift Stores, bloggers and their stories, Social media influencers, Social Media Marketing, before a decade, these are just a random idea and no guarantee they existed, but in the today’s competition, everything needs to so elite and everything is a competition. People are choosing to be their own and choosing to earn their way and these ideas are just another phase of our evolution which pavs a new way of looking into the marketing and small business sectors.

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