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Tech2Fire is a fastest growing tech blog including cybersecurity, a platform that helps people in understanding and using the technology in a better way. If you are a tech enthusiast, geek, colleague, and are always ready to contribute what you know well. Currently, Tech2Fire are reaching more than 3+ Lakh readers a month, and growing rapidly. Ultimately, Our one goal is to become world’s leading technology/cybersecurity resources destination and a well-known brand in the tech industry. And this may only happen if you guys begin operating with us with an inflexible passion.

According to Feedspot latest survey, Tech2Fire comes under top 100 Tech Blogs in the world with the position of 46th

Reason To Join Us?

We’re Hiring Full Time TECHNICAL/CONTENT Writers

Do all things Apple, Google or Hacking do excite you? Are you obsessed with the latest comings and goings of technology? Can you write and discern compelling content?

We are searching for a technical or experienced content writer to guide and outline How-To’s Tutorials, Android, iOS, Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking and Fire in Tech Updates. This position is responsible for covering all aspects of using tech gadgets, How To Hacks, Basic useful android tutorials, iOS, Google and all tech tips and tricks. No Need To Worry! You will be provided with Titles and Topics.

Successful Candidates Should Have:

NOTE: You do not necessarily need to have much professional experience, but more importantly, you should have a vast knowledge of English Grammar. The Grammar Rectification must be needed as the most important thing before applying below.

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