How To Make Portable Windows System (Windows To Go)

Windows To Go


Microsoft Windows a most using operating system now a days. It is using all over the world, in every country. The main reason of is its multitasking operating system and very easy to use. Despite your personal opinions, everybody will agree that the new OS dominated Microsoft-related speak for years to return. Windows 8 scarf most of the spotlight, that alternative options deep-fried up throughout that point were pushed to the roadside. one amongst those developments was one thing referred to as Windows to Go (WTG).

Windows to Go permits you to put in a fully-functional Windows 10/8.1/8 software onto an external HDD drive or a USB flash drive. This makes your USB a transportable Windows atmosphere, just like a UNIX system distro that’s designed to run from a USB. With Windows to Go, you’ll carry the live Windows system anyplace and use it on any pc.

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How To Make Portable Windows System On A USB

This feature is targeted primarily towards enterprise customers with the concept that the company setting might be taken anyplace. WTG provides a secured setting complete with computer code once an Associate  worker is functioning remotely or from a shared PC. Since Windows to Go was developed with this terribly specific use in mind, Microsoft doesn’t formally support victimization non-enterprise versions of Windows during a WTG set. That being aforementioned, simply because one thing isn’t supported doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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  1. A Flash Drive with minimum 32 GB storage. ( 16 GB will also work )
  2. A Host Computer
  3. Capable of USB Booting
  4. Minimum 1 GHz Processor
  5. Minimum 2 GB RAM

Method To Prepare WTG:-

1. AOMEI Partition Assistant:- It’s a free tool which allows you to make a Windows To Go device. Basically, It’s a free disk management utility tool but it has many more features, making WTG is one of them.


2. Rufus:- You must have version 2.0 or above to perform it. Rufus is a tiny size but powerful tool to make a bootable flash drive. Just select your Windows ISO file and select “Windows To Go” instead of Bootable USB. After few moments you will get your WTG device.


I hope this article helped you in making of Windows To Go device. If it isn’t worked for you then comment below. We will provide you with some other solutions. We Promise 😉


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