Noteworthiness In Header And Footer In Word Document (MS Word)

Header And Footer in Word Document

You might be including header and footer to the word document but then, do you know why it is important? Do you know the worthiness in header and footer in word document? Although this is a mild issue many of us are confused! Even without knowing the reason you would have seen differences in your document once the header and footer are included. The document looks much more professional and clear. So, what are headers and footers? It is the top section of the word document which is noticeable in the margin, and the footer is in the bottom section of the document.

Usually, you will notice general information like page number, author’s name, book name, document name, or date in header and footer. With the use of header and footer, you will be able to organize your document in a reader-friendly manner. The entered information in header and footer will repeatedly appear on every page. Also, it wouldn’t be like the regular text rather it will be different.

Noteworthiness In Header And Footer In Word Document

Nonetheless, the header and footer are noteworthy as it utilizes the unused space in an effective manner. The concept of header and footer is simple unless you confuse it.

Noteworthiness In Header And Footer In Word Document

To sum up;

  • It makes the document presentable.
  • This adds a clear title to the page.
  • It is easier to show the gist of the document.

I made the content simpler and clear so that the novice Word users will be benefitted. But in the next post, I’ll be including the advanced ways to use header and footer.

Until then, Stay tuned!

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