How To Remove Memory Card Password

How To Remove Memory Card Password

Today we have a tendency to are here with a trick for taking away countersign Of Memory Card or Remove Memory Card Password.

Today each mobile user whether or not it’s the automaton, ios or the other use memory card in their devices. And this tiny chip may be a device that may store 1,000,000 bytes of knowledge. someday we have a tendency to defend our memory card with a countersign, however, forgot that. in this case, you may have bothered to access your memory card or copy paste something in it. therefore during this post, I will be able to tell you a trick which is able to take away memory card countersign. simply follow the below to proceed.

How To Remove Memory Card Password

The method to get rid of countersign from memory card is incredibly straightforward and straightforward and this will be done by 2 ways in which, either from the computer or from automaton device. Also, you’ll be able to even read your current countersign too. simply follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps to look at & take away countersign Of Memory Card victimization Android:

  • First of all insert, your countersign protected memory card in your automaton device.
  • Now transfer the atomic number 99 File mortal in your automaton and open it.
  • Now there head to system folder and find the file mmc store.
  • Now rename it as mmcstore.txt and open it.
  • Now there you’ll be able to see this countersign of your memory card, note it down.
  • Now in memory card possibility click on take away countersign and so paste the countersign that you just have noted.
  • That’s it you’re done.

Steps to get rid of countersign Of Memory Card victimization PC:

With this methodology, all of your information can wander off as you may be getting to format your memory card during this methodology, therefore I like to recommend to use higher than methodology and if it doesn’t work then choose this methodology.

  • First of all, insert your memory card in any of smartphone.
  • Now connect the phone with laptop victimization USB cable.
  • Now right click on memory card drive in your computer and click on on the format(It won’t raise any countersign to format).
  • That’s it by data format your memory card countersign will get removed and you’ll be able to currently access your memory card utterly.

So higher than ar the 2 ways in which for taking away countersign Of Memory Card. By these ways in which, you’ll be able to simply read or take away countersign from memory card and might simply share information from it. And this methodology is such a straightforward that even non-tech person can even try this by simply following the straightforward steps mentioned higher than. Hope you wish the post, don’t forget to share it along with your friends and leave a comment below if you facing any bother at any step.

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