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Save Whatsapp Status without screenshots

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp’s status feature was highly appreciated, Save Whatsapp Status without screenshots, this is the way through this feature, everything from links to video, images, photos, holiday destination can be shared. In this way, many users want to save their status. No such option has been given in the Messaging app. Many users use screenshots in such a way. But after the screenshot, the user has to crop the username and the notification bar. We will tell you some such tricks here from which you will be able to save the status for the screenshot.

Save Whatsapp Status without screenshots, this is the way

Status saver for WhatsApp

Such download status without a third party app

Most users do not know that whatever you see, Whatsapp downloads them. This means that you do not need a third party app to save status. For this, you have to go to your phone’s file manager.

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