The Need of Custom Domain in Blogger Explained

Using Custom Domain In Blogger

We have explained you to all that why the need for the custom domain in blogger and this explanation very must because in this explanation money making through the blog, SEO blogger, Adsense etc.

The very much asked question is why is there any need of custom domain when we already have the blog with a subdomain. Before we go further, first know the difference between subdomain and domain. There is not much difference but when it comes to blogs hosted on blogger you must know the difference.

A domain is and a subdomain is or

So, every blog made from blogger comes with a subdomain. So currently after you recognize the distinction between domain and subdomain we are able to continue.

Why you need custom domain on blogger?

It depends entirely on you if you want your custom domain or you are happy with your name. While I actually have some smart reasons why you ought to add a custom domain to your diary however if you created a diary only for fun then there’s no reason you need custom domain on your blog.

This article is going to help those people who want to earn money from their blog and want to make their blog famous.

bigrock coupon for custom domain

Adsense approval

Blogs are incomplete without youtube channel nowadays. Why limit your earning sources?
Youtube is best when it comes to earning money. It’s much easier than earning money from a blog.

If you’ve got have a youtube channel then you want to have a custom domain on your blog otherwise you cannot get associate degree approval from Adsense and thence no earning from Adsense.

Better to know more about Adsense here:-

A quick guide on Adsense

Adsense policies do not permit you to submit the application of your blog if you have already got a youtube Adsense account. you’ll be able to place Adsense gizmo in your blog however that does not mean you’ll be able to earn.

Know more about this issue here:-

Youtube Adsense account or hosted account issue

Search ranking

Search engine prefers to show search results of blogs with custom domain rather than blogs with subdomain. whereas it additionally depends upon different reasons too like page views, content, page ranking etc. however that is one issue you cannot ignore if your blog is new.

Know how to enhance your search ranking with the assistance of different means:-

Advanced SEO tips for bloggers

Professional look

Yes, it provides the knowledgeable look to your blog. however, a custom domain isn’t gonna assist you with this time if your blog layout is poorly maintained. individuals choose to visit blogs with custom domain over blogs with Blogspot name.

Also, you will have associate degree professional email at the side of your custom domain that provides you with another advantage. the knowledgeable email ends with the name of your custom domain like I actually have my contact email that is

SEO friendly

While the on high of two points already facilitate in rising SEO of your diary. I’m attending to define but it’s attending to facilitate with SEO.

A custom domain helps in giving skilled look to a blog and that helps in increasing traffic on the blog. The additional traffic on the blog the higher would be the computer program ranking.

Moreover, individuals prefer to share the blog with the high-level domain. thus if you have got a custom domain on your blog then it’ll assist you in raising your social media presence.

Know additional on the way to encourage individuals to share your blog content:-

Adding social media share buttons your blog

Not to mention, social media is that the best supply of traffic today. Social media sharing is what you would like to form your blog known.

Apart from having some smart reasons to alter to a custom domain you would like to put together grasp some dangerous effects that a custom domain can have.

I have printed another article on what happens once you modification your net address of your blog. whether or not you modify the net address of your diary otherwise you add custom domain the impacts unit of measurement same.

Changing web address of a blog

So, if you would like to earn smart cash then you want to add the custom domain to your blog as early as potential. Here’s an assist for you:-

How to make a money making blog on blogger

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