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mCent Browser Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

दोस्तों..! mCent Mobile Recharge App से पैसा कमाने के बारे में किसको नहीं पता है. सभी ने इस App से कुछ-कुछ तो जरुर कमाया होगा. अब mCent एक बार फिर से नए तरीके से User को पैसा कमाने का मौका देने वाला है. Mcent Browser का यह mCent ने अभी जन्ल्दी ही launch किया है.

IBM Just Unveiled Its First Blockchain-Powered International Payments Network

We all know very well that international transactions take days (or weeks!) to be authorized and have a high cost. However, now IBM wants to fix these problems just by reducing the compensation time to just a few seconds, increasing transparency and decreasing the number of intermediaries through its first Blockchain-Powered international payments network. IBM