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How to Fix DNS Errors and Access to the Internet

If your internet is not working because of any DNS errors that you are getting on your browser then here is the guide to Fix DNS Errors and Regain Access to the Internet. So follow the complete article to proceed. You may have encountered some error in your web browser stating you that there are

How To (Home Computer) Turn PC into a Web Server

Learn how to host all your computer files on the internet by turning your turn PC into a web server to easily access any file on your PC on the internet using the simple tool that will help you to do this on your Computer. Till now we all tend to use up the internet

How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

This tech2fire teaches you the way to access and manage a laptop remotely from another laptop by putting in the remote desktop package on each computer and How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer. Once put in on each computer, you’ll be able to found out one laptop to be the “host” laptop, permitting it to be controlled by another laptop from anyplace, see you later as each computers square measure connected to the net, square measure power-driven on, and have the correct package put in.How to Access Another Computer from Your

How To Fix or Repair Windows Registry Errors

Here in this article, you’ll learn the way you’ll be able to solve the problems with Windows written record and therefore the methodology that you’ll be able to fix/repair them. Just follow the article below to know how you can do that. When you install the Windows on your computer, the Windows then stores the

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer Is Ending Soon

When Microsoft proclaimed the launch of Windows 10 upgrade it conjointly proclaimed that in the primary year of a lifetime of its software system, users who had an ingenious license of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 might update it for complimentary to Windows 10. Now, if you wish to upgrade your recent Windows to Windows

How To Scan And Fix Corrupted Windows Files

Today, we discussed on the scan and fix corrupted windows files in different-different methods. These methods are first is Scan And Fix Corrupted Windows Files With Command, second is Repairing System Files When Windows Failed To Boot, and third is System Restore And Reset so let’s start. Manually scan out all the corrupted files in your Windows

How To Enable Safe Mode Boot Menu In Windows 10

For Windows 10 users we have a tendency to ar here a way to modify Safe Mode Boot Menu In Windows 10. several of you need to be at home with the safe mode of your windows software system, wherever you’ll be able to fix out several packages connected downside by booting into it. And

How to Automatically Clean Windows of Unused Files

Now you can Automatically Clean Windows of Unused Files using the inherent picture of windows to censor surplus files from your machine. So tally a care at finished pass discussed below to hap. Unused or matter files do elude on every system whether it is flying on the Windows or relief platforms. Most of the