Windows 10 S Download, Details & Installation Guide

Windows 10 S Download


A couple of months back Microsoft released another Windows version called Windows 10 S. Not at all like different variants, Windows 10 S is extremely prohibitive, and you can just utilize UWP applications downloaded from the Windows Store. Clearly, this specific form is pointed towards understudies, elderly, and other general clients who are not that PC sagacious and get their frameworks botched up with every one of those toolbars, shady projects, and so forth. Basically, Windows 10 S is comparable to Google Chromebook. Not all Windows Store applications will keep running on Windows 10 S be that as it may. “Because an application originates from the Windows Store does NOT naturally imply that it’s protected and reasonable for running in Windows 10 S,” Microsoft’s Rich Turner described in a MSDN post. “There are some applications that are not permitted to keep running on Windows 10 S, including all summon line applications, shells and consoles.” That implies Windows 10’s Linux applications won’t keep running on Windows 10 S.

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Keep In Mind Before Installing Windows 10 S:-

  • Non-Windows Store Apps will not work.
  • Incompatible apps will be removed while installing Windows 10 S.
  • You may face driver issues. If you download drivers from the maker site, you can’t execute them because of the confinements put by the OS.
  • Windows 10 S can only be installed and activated on Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro Education, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise versions.

Download & Installation:-

As you it will only work in Windows 10 Pro, So you should have Windows 10 Pro installed on your machine. ( Fresh Windows 10 Pro Installation recommended ). To start the installation, Please download the official installer from this link. After downloading the installer, open it by double click on it. Now you will see such interface.

Now click on “Next” button. Now the installer will check all requirements and show the result that can install it or not on your machine.

Now click on “Next” button. It will start downloading Windows 10 S files.

After finishing download files, the setup will start installing it and prompt you to restart your device. Just click on “Restart” button to continue the setup. It will take some time to finish the installation. Now installation process will work as do in normal windows 10.

You’re done. Your system will be boot with new Windows 10 S.

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