Best Fitness Apps for Android – Health Fitness Doctor

Leading a healthy and happy life is the most important thing for any individual. So, here we have come up with the four best fitness apps for Android: Fitivity Fitivity is one of the best fitness apps which is available on the market as of now. It consists of customized training and creative workouts. Apart

Top Programming Languages Used by Ethical Hackers

Hacking cannot just be a click of a button but a serialized profession which works under different programming language. Some of the best five programming languages for hacking are: Top Programming Languages Used by Ethical Hackers HTML HTML which is considered to be as one of the widely and easiest used web programming languages. By

Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition launched in India

Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth edition is now available from today. This time the smartphone has come up with a pressure sensor in display fingerprint sensor apart from just the rear mounted one. Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition price, availability The price for the smartphone has been set at Rs 14800 for the model that comes

Top Android Games of 2018 (Best Multiplayer Games for Android)

The Google Play Store is bringing some awesome cools games every year. As addiction to gaming is also increasing more and more. So, here are the top 4 best games to check out for: Top Android Games of 2018 (Best Multiplayer Games for Android) PUBG It is one of the most engaging and downloaded games

Android Pie 9 Amazing Features for Android Phones

After the Android Oreo and Nougat, now it’s the time for Android pie! Google has now finally announced the official Android 9 pie for all the devices. Android Pie, as of now is going to be one of the best Android version for the purpose of best battery backup and stabilization. So, here are some

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Faster

Nothing frustrates much like browsing users like a slow loading website. A slow site not only discourages end-users but is also not search-engine friendly – Google has just recently released an algorithm update which will not be going to penalizes slow websites. The means that if your website is slow, that it can cause your

How to Do Dual login for Whatsapp

As we all know that, nowadays the world is getting smarter day by day. We are living in a society where social media is a king, and people are always hooked up with their smartphones: updating status on WhatsApp or updating photos on Instagram. Whatsapp which is one of the most popular Instant Messaging app

Things to Keep in Mind at the time of Buying Laptop

A laptop is a compact and portable device which you can take it anywhere and can also use it anywhere. So now considering buying a laptop then here are some of the things that need to keep in mind to get a perfect laptop: Things to Keep in Mind at the time of Buying Laptop